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for little, lovable bookworms

The following books represent finished, unpublished manuscripts.
For a copy of a manuscript, please submit your information through the CONTACT page or email [email protected]

and the Orchard Bay Orchestra

New Parents

Fifth Birthdays

Sulio can't wait to blow the audience away at auditions, but when the judges see a saxophone headed for the stage, Sulio is turned away without being able to play a single note. When Sulio starts serenading from the sidewalk, however, the impertinent instruments change their tune.

530 words; geared toward children ages 4-8

Fed up at home, seven-year-old Ben creates a want ad for new parents. While he gets many interesting applicants, he finds that sometimes a loved one's imperfections are just what's needed.

250 words; geared toward children ages 3-8

Born on a leap year, Sophia gets the short end of the stick when it comes to birthdays. To make up for it, Sophia convinces her parents to celebrate her birthday for the whole month of March. But 31 birthdays turns out to be a bit much, even for this party-loving five-year-old.

670 words; geared toward children ages 3-6

Teddy Bear

10 Mighty


Two children meet and become friends despite their differences in language and culture. Shalom, Salaam is a children's first book of peace.

75 words; geared toward children ages 1-5

Bear is all alone and decides to host a tea party. When the whole neighborhood shows up uninvited, Bear tries to clean up and send everyone home before the family returns in Teddy Bear Tea.

350 words; geared toward children ages 2-5

A group of altruistic child superheroes help those in need in the rhyming countdown story, 10 Mighty Superheroes.

175 words; geared toward children ages 1-4

​(a close-the flap book)


(a love story)

Privacy should be a fundumental right, but when it comes to young children, it goes right down the toilet...while they Watch. Each. Flush. Using comically embarrassing scenes, Privacy! is a reverse peek-a-boo boardbook that will have kids eager to close the flaps.

120 words; geared toward children ages 1-5
Gathering everything for a good night's sleep, a little boy is transformed into a dragon where he searches the village for trinkets to fill his cave.

160 words; geared toward children ages 1-4

Meet Lily and Blankie, the inseparable pair, in Blankie (a love story). As Lily grows up, Blankie remains her loyal security blanket down to the very last thread.

540 words; geared toward children ages 3-6

the adventures of an invisible dog

The Most Beautiful
​Story Never Written

Mac, a  Bee...a
​Hanukkah Bee

Mami holds su amore as she begins a story. It is a mystery, a comedy, and an adventure story all in one. But most importantly, it is the story of the love Mami holds for her child: the most beautiful story never written.

​220 words; geared toward children ages 3-8

Meet Mac, a Bee…a Hanukkah Bee, with his three-part series:

The Story of Mac, a Bee…a Hanukkah Bee introduces Mac, a little bee who helps Judah and the Maccabees from the Hanukkah story.
In Mac, a Bee, and the Hanukkah Miracle, Mac saves the day when a mighty storm takes out the power.
Finally, follow Mac as he celebrates Hanukkah in Israel, visiting many famous sites in Mac, a Bee, Visits Israel.

Each book is available in full-length (700 word) and board-book (100 word) versions.

Join Odif, and invisible dog, during one of his daily neighborhood walks. When a friend's in trouble, Odif doesn't let his inability to be seen stop him from saving the day. 

400 words; geared toward children ages 3-6

Nicki Ramshaw is happy to send full manuscripts of her books to agents, publishers, and any other interested party. To request a manuscript, please submit your information through the CONTACT page, or email [email protected]